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Tunnel Gallery Commission 2023


Mooching I mooched, or explored areas around Middlesbrough train station, and for the first time fully interacted with the space. Without having to rush away I had precious time to observe the streets and the buildings that have been there for generations. 


My father Charles, and his side of the family are from Grove Hill Middlesbrough, and although I have spent time here in the town I haven't had the opportunity to stop and look up. 


This new Tunnel Gallery Commission has been led by Tees Valley Arts and the work explores the streets around the station, capturing and isolating elements of the architecture, and aspects of the area that are often overlooked. During my mooch I discovered some extraordinary details, and these works share them with you. 


The designs are collaged drawings taken from some of my favourite observations, and each drawing is labelled on the ‘legend’ to show you where I found these places. Some drawings of Commerce House are from my extraordinary visit inside the green rooftop dome, and the original bank room. 


I suggest you mooch around and explore the area too.

Mooching installing some Mooching designs in the Navigator North building in the Hill street centre in Middlesbrough 2023

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