In assembling pattern and form I aim to create a dynamic equilibrium within my work, bringing together my 2d and 3d design in coadunation and absolute equivalence. This balance is critical in allowing me to unite sculptural forms and my drawn patterns in a new dimension that is both flat and solid.

I use clay as a primary medium as it allows me to imitate and reshape everyday life, challenging the way we see and understand commonplace forms. The clay is then collaged with found metal and wood with the aim of creating a new way of experiencing ceramic sculpture.

I find that series of objects convey more information and narrative than single forms, especially in ceramics where collections allow the viewer to see new relationships between objects.

Working with collections of ceramic designs allows me to extend my patterns across multiple forms. My interest in collections has led me to create a visual language out of my own drawings and found forms that are then translated into plaster molds and used as an object generator. I am amalgamating these ceramic and print works to create a holistic way of seeing form, pattern and colour.


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