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'This was made for you' This piece explores the repetition and obsession I experience as part of my adhd. The ceramic buttons are vacuum formed then plaster casts of scrunched up working drawings on paper, the mistakes, the doubt that go into creation are demonstrated in this, yet changed by the subtlety of the press moulded clay. The satin is ‘painted’ with marker pens, demonstrating this love of repetition in movement and process again. This was a cathartic piece to complete. Alongside the work this piece looks at how descriptive language can be used in sculpture to allow audiences to access the work in a new way. The text should accompany the work.

Hold onto that moment when the satin encompasses your body, how it gently slips over your head, and the neckline grasps your shoulders.

You feel like this was designed for you, and it makes you feel like yourself.

The buttons on the shoulders collect the folds of fabric, the gathering of the neckline, how it plunges but remains intact is mesmerising.

The folds merge the patterns and create a unique silhouette. 

This was made for you

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